Our Coffee sourcing

Finding top-quality Arabica beans involves an on-going search, so we invest a lot of time looking for those small farms, estates and cooperatives that are sustainably and ethically managed with high standards of agricultural practices who specialise in high grade beans. We form direct relationships with these growers so our supply arrangements are made with people managing and directly working with the farms on the ground.

Where possible we work exclusively with Rainforest Certificated Coffee Farms – this gives us the ethical credentials that Fair Trade used to stand for, while giving us the long-term ecological benefits that is the cornerstone of our business. We also have our very own 1-2-1 programmes whereby we work very closely to form a direct trading partnership in producing exceptional coffee bean varieties to our exacting standards.

We like to try new things. We might ask our farmers to grow a particular variety of coffee they've never grown before because we’re looking to work with flavours that enhance and add complexity to the seasonal blends of coffee we create. The relationships we build allow us to create something special, something new, something no-one else has. It’s about pushing the boundaries of excellent coffee.


When selecting beans our approach is simple, we move heaven and earth to seek out the best ethically and sustainably cultivated origins and estates from around the globe, with one objective in mind and that’s to make exceptional tasting coffee.