Rather than searching for bargains, we exclusively seek out great coffees that are sourced from farms and cooperatives that can demonstrate they share our same values when it comes to welfare and education for their workers and families. As well as ethics we are unmovable on sourcing coffees from farms that adhere to both sustainable and ecological practises overseen by the Rainforest Alliance. We pay a sustainable price over and above the markets to our producers, and develop long-term working relationships. That’s how we source and buy coffee.

The high quality hand picked barn dried oak we use to power our roasting systems, burns cleanly and comes from sustainably managed estates all from within a ten-mile radius of the roastery, so that environmental impact from the carbon emissions in transport is minimised.

We have initiatives where we bring in certain Origins and offset the shipping by way of carbon credits. These coffees are then distributed locally by push bike where we can take up to 100kg at a time. Our branded Belgian made Billet bikes are a familiar sight up and down the A40. It’s quirky, and for all the right reasons.

We’re on target for the end of this year to reduce our cardboard packaging by 60%, using eco friendly reusable delivery boxes; and other innovative forms of environmentally friendly packaging are constantly being tested, which is something our customers are noticing and they love the natural feel.

We are currently working on a pilot scheme where used coffee grounds are collected from our customers locally to then be used as a natural pest-deterrent for Organic farming in Oxfordshire. At the end of the day, if you can use 100% of whatever you use as a natural product, it’s got to be good!


we pride ourselves in coming up with innovative ideas in all aspects of how we conduct ourselves. We’re committed to being a sustainable, ethical business, and we take great pride in the progress we’ve made.