A significant factor which influences the flavour of the coffee in your cup, is the roasting method. It’s the roasting process which gives green coffee beans their taste, aroma and colour, transforming the fats into volatile oils and caramelising the natural sugars.

Like all other coffee roasters who commonly use gas as a source of energy to power their roasting systems, we have chosen to be like no other roaster in the UK, we have chosen to be totally different….that’s why we are the first and only 100% artisan wood powered coffee roastery in the UK.

Our unique wood powered smokeless systems combine both commercial coffee roasting and wood stove technology that has been specially designed, developed, exclusively built and refined for us to produce the best possible quality coffee in the most sustainable way. We also use a specially constructed steel-copper-steel roasting drum to achieve the optimum conduction of heat when roasting.

The roasting process uses 100% hot air rather than direct heat from a gas flame, meaning the beans are more evenly roasted. Our hot air method produces an even consistent roast that is totally free from the taint of any residual smoke, resulting in cleaner, sweeter, full bodied tasting coffee.

The common misconception of wood roasted coffee is that the flavours are overwhelmed with a smoky undertone. Our Master Roasters combine their skill, experience and along with our technology we bring out the very best in natural flavours from the finest green beans from around the globe.

The quality and the size of wood we use along with its moisture content are pivotal to the success in our roasting, that’s why we exclusively source and hand pick English oak exclusively from sustainably managed forests and estates, all from within a ten-mile radius of the roastery. The natural moisture present within the wood is carefully managed and we achieve optimum levels by using barn-dried wood which can be up to seven years old. Dry wood burns hotter and cleaner and is better for the environment, and the fact that the wood is sourced locally means less energy is used to transport it.



We are the only artisan wood-fired coffee roastery in the UK. Wood is a renewable resource, making IT A more sustainable METHOD when compared to other roasting practices.