Our Journey

In March 2009 Dominic and Daniella Boyett embarked on a journey that they never thought would ever allow them to experience the success and enjoy the relationships that they’ve established today. It was always Dominic’s entrepreneurial spirit, vision and sheer determination along with his 25 years of experience within the branded espresso industry, that has taken a dream to own his own roastery and turn it into a reality.

Dominic has always had a reputation for thinking outside of the box by those who know him, and he’s often thrived on those challenges and set himself personal goals within his own career that always seemed to be out of reach. No different was the dream of setting up the UK’s first and only Artisan wood powered roastery, while every one of his peers around him made it clear it would simply not work.

9 Years have passed and the challenge to be one of the UK’s respected Artisan roasters, pioneering new and unique coffee roasting techniques is very much alive and being fully realized, earning Ue Coffee Roasters a reputation as a leader in our field for producing exceptional coffee.

Over this time we have not only established strong direct working relationships with our farmers, but we have the privilege to be working daily with some of the best baristas in the UK and abroad, through to celebrity chefs and supporting the likes of world famous offices in Whitehall, London.

The journey may very well be under way however there are still many more projects that Dominic and Daniella are keen to get their teeth into, one being the opportunity to develop a roasting model that would make us one of the most sustainable coffee roasteries in Europe. Something that may seem unimportant to many within our industry, but it’s these real values that set us apart from the mainstream and help us maintain our uniqueness in a competitive market.



Ue Coffee Roasters is a family of coffee nerds who surround themselves around people who share our passion for outstanding coffee. Our focus is on coffee appreciation, education and pioneering new developments when it comes to coffee innovation.