Costa Rica Red Dragon - Natural


Costa Rica Red Dragon - Natural

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Coffee Name : Cerro Dragon

In 2012 Ricardo Valverde and a group of 4 friends/producers had major issues due to coffee leaf rust and the low prices of the C-Market. Together they managed to gather enough capital to buy a small coffee mill. They currently mill 500 bags total, 75 bags come from Cerro Dragon farm. The rest of their production was milled at ASOPROAAA.

Variety : Caturra & Catuai

Altitude : 1,500 MASL

Region : Los Santos, Tarrazu

Process : Natural

Tasting notes: Straight away you can tell this is a natural process coffee by its pronounced sweet aroma. We thought it had a strong caramel sweetness, almost like toasted marshmallow but on the palate it was more buttery. The fruit is like sweet plums but there is also a tartness from the acidity that was reminiscent of raspberry. This coffee is delightful made any way you like. Get it while it lasts as our guest coffees run out pretty quick.

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