Brazil Sitio Agua Fria (Natural)

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Brazil Sitio Agua Fria (Natural)

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This coffee is grown on the Sitio Agua Fria Estate by owner Mario Auriglietti in the town of Divinolandia which is located in the Mogiana region of Brazil.

The estate is only 12 hectares and annual production is only 250 bags. In 1970 Augusto Aurilietti and Pasquina Savoia arrived in the Santos Port. They bought a coffee plantation in 1972 on the border of Divinolandia and Caconde, Sao Paulo State.

The name Agua Fria comes from troopers passing through and taking water from a small river in the region which was ice cold, so the name Agua Fria was born, translated cold water.

Their grandson looks after the farm now and since 1990 he has expanded the cultivation area and he also founded the Divinolandia's Association of the High Coffee Mountains.

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Sitio Agua Fria, Divinolandia, Brazil




Pulped Natural


13200 MASL


Rainforest Alliance