Panama Esmeralda Boquete (Washed)

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Panama Esmeralda Boquete (Washed)

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Tucked away on the eastern slopes of the Volcan Barú is the small and charming mountain village of Boquete. Known to produce some of the sweetest oranges and richest coffees in all of Panama. This coffee is just fantastic smooth and clean with a velvety mouth feel of chocolate and soft, sweet citrus notes.

Boquete's surrounding hills and slopes are primarily covered in shade-grown coffee plantations, providing a rich product recognized by international connoisseurs. Known for their sustainable farming practices, these farms are recognized the world over by conservationist and are home to an abundance of birds equal to those found in the cloud forests higher on the mountain. Coffee is primarily picked by the Guaymi Indians during the months October through February.

Coffee from Panama is renowned for its high quality and real character. The Speciality Coffee Association of Panama formed in 1997 has proved that its coffee has really come into it's own over the past decade and it's members are some of the best speciality coffee growers around.

A smooth and refined coffee, sweetness with a floral Jasmine a citrusy Bergamot zing then lingering honey after-taste . Great with milk. This coffee delivers different flavour dimensions in the cafetiere and espresso but both equally fantastic, enjoy a rich mellow moorish cup in the cafetiere or a mouthful of floral-citrus all punching through at the same time in espresso.

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Aruz Estate, Boquete, Panama


Typica & Caturra


Washed & Patio Dried


1350 MASL


Rainforest Alliance