Our technicians schedule regular preventative maintenance visits to maintain your machine so that it is in peak condition. And, when there’s an unforeseen breakdown, they’re on call and available for any emergency call out. In extreme situations we are also on hand with loan equipment, so that we can get you back up and running, minimising any possible disruption to your business.

Our factory-trained technicians understand how each and every part of your espresso machine affects your coffee and will help you achieve optimal performance from your machine. Our technical staff are all experienced espresso makers, they’ll notice when coffee quality is not at it’s optimum, they’ll solve any possible problems on the spot and advise your baristas of new techniques and any scope for improvement.

Outside of our direct service coverage we also have a nationwide network of hand picked third party technicians that surpass our service expectations and can help provide you with superior service for any emergency repair.



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Tel. 01993 706 767 / COFFEE@uecoffeeroasters.com

The condition and non-maintenance of your espresso machine will directly reflect on the taste of your coffee. It will also contribute to the possible inconvenience and expense of any down time SHOULD things go wrong.